Podcast #1: Overcoming Approach Anxiety


In my inaugural podcast I discuss approach anxiety and how I overcame it. I started by asking women indirect questions like asking for directions or when the metro stopped running. After this I went through several years of PUA-style game where I used routine-based approaches to meet women. Lately, inspired by what I’ve learned through […]

Meet Women Head On


In the past few weeks I’ve started to take a real hard and critical look at how I meet women. I wasn’t satisfied with the number and caliber of women that I was meeting and dating and decided I needed to make dramatic changes. Be a player not a pickup artist. Although I learned a […]

Stick to One or Two Big Goals

AS Rome vs FC Bayern Munich

I recently watched a great video from Chris at Good Looking Loser (the accompanying article summarizes many points in the video, you should read and watch both). The main takeaways I got from the video were: You’ve got to learn to work hard before you can learn to work “smart” If you don’t work hard, you […]

Modafinil and Making My Move to Europe


Much has been said about Modafinil, a drug originally developed for treating narcolepsy and military purposes, which dramatically sharpens your focus for extended periods of time. Comparisons have been made to the imaginary drug, NZT-48 from the film Limitless with Bradley Cooper. I don’t agree with this comparison since that drug increased the intelligence and […]

A Day in an Independent Life


Part of the joy of living independently is creating the lifestyle you want. As time goes on I see there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I would like to, but I’m trying to refine and adjust things as I go along to make the most of it. Below is a […]

There’s No Substitute for Experience

Thomas Edison in 1888, spent from working on his phonograph

Experience is like currency or an investment that you can draw upon as you accumulate more of it. Recently I reflected on three areas of my life where experience over time was the defining feature of my achievements, namely: game, moving abroad and my PhD. There’s no substitute or shortcut to experience. You’ll always do […]