Modafinil and Making My Move to Europe


Much has been said about Modafinil, a drug originally developed for treating narcolepsy and military purposes, which dramatically sharpens your focus for extended periods of time. Comparisons have been made to the imaginary drug, NZT-48 from the film Limitless with Bradley Cooper. I don’t agree with this comparison since that drug increased the intelligence and […]

A Day in an Independent Life


Part of the joy of living independently is creating the lifestyle you want. As time goes on I see there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I would like to, but I’m trying to refine and adjust things as I go along to make the most of it. Below is a […]

There’s No Substitute for Experience

Thomas Edison in 1888, spent from working on his phonograph

Experience is like currency or an investment that you can draw upon as you accumulate more of it. Recently I reflected on three areas of my life where experience over time was the defining feature of my achievements, namely: game, moving abroad and my PhD. There’s no substitute or shortcut to experience. You’ll always do […]

Challenges of Independent Living


In my last post I wrote about the benefits of independent living. Though things are much better for me now, there are tradeoffs and new challenges to face when you reconfigure your lifestyle towards freedom. Diet Last time I mentioned that a poor diet was a phase I went through when I first moved abroad. Since eating […]

Benefits of Independent Living


Exactly a year ago I moved from Northern California to Poland. Besides a month-long visit back home for the holidays, I’ve been living in Warsaw, the capital city. Its been a great experience, not without its challenges, but overall a dramatic improvement to my previous lifestyle. Sleep This is probably the most underrated and arguably […]

Addicted to Distraction, Revealing Mass Media Manipulation


Media is an amorphous term than can encompass physical objects as well as digital information, entertainment, “news” and a mix of them all. In Addicted to Distraction: Psychological consequences of the modern Mass Media, author and professor Bruce G. Charlton makes the case that the “Mass Media” is a “inter-linked communication system of all the media – […]

The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi


Over three years ago I was introduced to the manosphere through Roosh. Shortly thereafter I became familiar with a number of writers who covered a broad range of topics important to men, including game, style, weight lifting, nutrition with the overarching theme of taking the “Red Pill”, an analogy from The Matrix movies referring to […]

Getting Things Done


Creating a consistent, productive routine that taps our greatest creative energies by putting routine tasks and random ideas in their place is one of the greatest things we can achieve in life. Such as system allows us to check off a multitude of routine tasks that make up modern life, while focusing the power of […]