My Introduction to Game

I first stumbled across Game years ago. It was Maniac High’s “No Nonsense Guide to Laying a Chick for Beginners“. I don’t remember how I found it, I was probably searching for porn. Though the Guide never got me laid, it was my first introduction to the idea that hot women could be seduced and being a male model, millionaire or “natural” wasn’t a prerequisite to success. Maniac’s website also provided me with a lot of reading material, but I never acted upon it. I was put off but what seemed to be a complex formula of tactics that had to be followed sequentially and executed with perfection to be successful. This parallelled a false belief I had for many years that picking up any girl at virtually any time was possible, but you had to know the right combination of lines to win her over and “naturals” understood this, while I never would.

Fast forward about 8 years and I was where I am currently (Warsaw, Poland) on the verge of flying further east to meet a girl I’d known for a year and a half. I met here through work in California, where she periodically visited. We spent a lot of time together over her two visits (3 weeks total), basically seeing her every day for dinners, walks, coffee, etc. But I never kissed her or even held her hand. I was a solid Beta back then. I thought that relationships were meant to develop very slowly. We kept in touch through emails and texts. I basically spilled my guts to her, eventually signing a couple emails with “love”. She reciprocated to an extent that kept me interested, but when I had almost finalized plans to visit her, silence. Right around this time I came across Roosh’s site, while running a search for “how to go to a club alone” and finding his “Definitive Guide to Going Out Alone (a.k.a. Flying Solo)“. Thank God I did. Rather than trying to sort something out and still try to see this girl, I sent her a short email saying I wasn’t coming. I probably should have just said nothing (the Beta was mortally wounded but still thrashing), but that ended it.

Upon further reflection and thanks to the brilliant writings of Rollo Tomassi, Roissy and others in the “Manosphere”, I learned that I had a hard case of “ONEitis“.  It was a rude awakening, but I had swallowed the “Red Pill” and there was no turning back. As for the girl, it turned out she had gotten married at some point in the year of my prospective visit. The former me would have been angry and disillusioned, but now I could just chalk it up to female hypergamy and the fact that we lived a continent apart. For a 30 year old woman, fast approaching the “Wall”, I can’t blame her. I’m the one who has to take responsibility for my actions and foolishly focusing all my attention on one prospect.

Fast Forward eight months and I’m back in Warsaw, this time for the rest of the year. After reading a ton of material on game, implementing relatively little (mostly night game), I recently stumbled across I’d been familiar with the concept of day game before, but it never quite seemed right to indirectly ask women for directions, opinions, etc. as a way to weasel your way into an interaction with her. For me it was a revolutionary concept to approach a woman you were interested in, compliment her and basically declare your interest in her in a direct, though friendly manner. Your intentions are clear.

Though my experience with this approach is limited, and I’ve only done about a dozen approaches, I can attest to the fact that it works. In the past week I’ve gotten numbers from 5 girls, taken two on “instant dates” (coffee shop or long walk after the initial approach) and today the hottest girl that I approached (an 18 y.o., 9+, who knows 5 languages) instant dated me when all I did was go for her number! I’m still early in the learning curve, and numbers aren’t anything to brag about, but for someone who for 28 years thought that you only met women who crossed your path by “chance”, or through your social circle, I might as well have just learned for the first time that the earth was round or that the earth revolved around the sun. It was a revolution in my thinking and worldview.

What really turned me on to Game was seeing that it was more than a scheme to pick up women. You don’t have to trick anyone or pretend to be someone you aren’t, but you must become a better man. That’s what appealed to me so much. I learned that women aren’t the prize and that your ambitions and goals are the real pursuit you should dedicate yourself to, women can only ever be a complement, never the completion of a man’s life and legacy. Learning Game improves your ability to meet and date women that are of higher quality than anything you “settled” for in the past. I don’t have ambitions to become a master PUA (Pick-Up-Artist), but I do plan to develop my newfound skills to interact with women from a perspective of abundance, and dating many of them so that if I finally choose to get married, I’ll have a very clear idea of what kind of woman I want.

For anyone interested in learning more about Game I can’t recommend strongly enough the three “R’s”, Rollo, Roosh and Roissy. Familiarize yourself with the concept of “Inner Game” which is basically your perception of yourself which manifests itself in your outward actions and appearance. A site that focuses on how to build an awesome lifestyle is Victor Pride’s Bold and Determined. Through these sites you’ll find links to others that will open your eyes to an understanding of the world that is totally opposed to what modern popular culture promotes.

Your destiny is in your hands. The information is out there, you have an obligation to use it. No excuses going forward.