Daygame by Tom Torero

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Daygame by Tom Torero is a memoir of world-class seduction, centered in London. The book also serves as a guide to daygame and seduction in general, as stories of Tom’s trials and triumphs are reinforced by sections devoted to topics such as: first texts, logistics, the dating bubble, etc.

The rule of thumb for mastery is 10,000 hours devoted to developing a skill. It’s not a stretch to assume that Tom has approached 10,000 women or spent 10,000 hours approaching and dating (or some combination of the two). Since Tom is just in his early 30s, the book focuses on his development as a seducer from his late teens through the present. I found the book compelling because I could relate to many of the challenges Tom faced in high school and college. Tom slowly but surely begins to learn the fundamentals of game as the years progress and begins applying a more systematic approach to learning how to meet, attract and bed beautiful women.

The title of the book refers to Tom’s preferred method for meeting women, daygame, that is meeting women on the street, coffee shop, public transportation, etc. The meat of the book consists of over 100 short stories describing how Tom met, attracted and slept with a variety of women. As time progresses we see how Tom consistently refines his game, but even when he appears to be at his best, he’s humbled by how overconfidence can backfire. Not one to settle, Tom seeks ways to improve his skill set and his mastery of game leads to greater social confidence, new opportunities and a plethora of women.

My reactions to this book were very positive, though there were some things that were left unsaid. Tom briefly mentions that the thrill of the chase eventually became more satisfying than the sex and the reader is left to conclude that seducing beautiful women, like anything else, reaches a point of diminishing returns. Women can be a great complement to a man’s life, but never his end goal.

Tom’s story is ultimately a hopeful one, because it’s a detailed case study of how one man can totally transform himself from introvert to extrovert with patience, determination and willingness to learn from one’s mistakes. I think Daygame is an excellent read, not only as a guide to seduction, but an exceptional example of dramatic personal growth in action.

Daygame is currently only available in print form from with the possibility of an e-book later this year. I combined my purchase of Daygame with Daygame Nitro by Nick Krauser (review forthcoming) and found a coupon online that saved me 20% on my order.

Check out the Daygame Book Documentary:

  • rivsdiary

    i just read it. incredibly inspiring. tom is a master.

    • Nick

      Yeah, it shows what’s possible when you put your mind to self-improvement.

  • Dynamo

    As an avid daygamer myself this book sounds quite inspiring as it is easy to get very disheartened when going out day in day out to do approaches and getting constant rejections. One of the reasons many guys take up daygame is because they have become disheartened by constant failure in nightgame and social circle game like Tom was. But they then feel even more disheartened when they still fail at daygame because they lack enough experience. Hopefully this book will reduce the learning curve needed for those already doing or planning on taking up daygame. It is certainly a lot cheaper than any of the current seduction bootcamps which claim to teach you to become a master of daygame within two days.

    • Nick

      You are right. The value of this book is that it’s a case study in how a socially awkward, “nerdy” young man can grow to become an absolute ace with women. While I’ve had some success with nightgame in the past, the environment doesn’t appeal to me very much. I have sensitive hearing so it’s hard to talk to a girl in a loud club, on the flip side it forces you to work on physical escalation, eye-contact, etc. I haven’t been to any bootcamps, but from experience I know that the guys at (where Tom works) have very high standards. Their Daygame Blueprint and a few other products, are what launched me into daygame. No one book, bootcamps or coaching session will make a man great with women, but if you learn from different sources and practice, you can make great gains in a short period. One of the most important parts for me was finally getting off my ass and trying what I’d learned. There’s no avoiding rejection, the key is that it’s the best way to learn your shortcomings and fix them.