Day Game in Warsaw: An Introduction

Many readers of pick-up and game-related blogs will be at least vaguely familiar with day game. Since so much focus has been placed on night game or club game, day game has gotten relatively little attention. This is unfortunate, since in my experience the results from day game have been much better than at any club or bar, the options are far more vast, and you avoid the negative aspects of a night game environment (bouncers, cover charges, loud music, fake atmosphere, bitch shields and competition). During the day you come as close as possible (short of intimacy) to seeing her as she really is. Many women will be pleasantly surprised by being approached and your conversion rate from approaches to numbers and dates will be much higher than at a bar or club. Much has been written about day game, namely by Nick Krauser, Steve at Authentic PUA, and the guys at Here I’ll present some of my observations from my experiences so far in Warsaw, Poland.

When approaching a woman during the day I prefer directly approaching a woman who is walking. Approaching women who are sitting in a coffee shop or waiting at a bus stop is also doable, but you have to be more sensitive to the fact that she’s unable to leave easily if the approach doesn’t result in attraction. When you stop a girl on the street she’s free to stay and talk or to politely excuse herself and leave. The worst thats happened to me is that a girl will briefly make eye contact and walk around me.

I assume that women will react in different ways to such an approach depending on the country and culture. Here in Poland I’ve found that I’ll either get a very positive response, having even been complimented about how “nice it was to be approached by you, very American”, or a neutral/negative response where the girl will politely hear out my observation/compliment and excuse herself or just continue walking past me. I haven’t done enough approaches to say for sure that these are normal reactions, since there is always more I can do to improve my body language, tone, eye contact, etc. during the approach, but I’ve had enough success with getting numbers and instant-dates (to a coffee shop, for a walk) to know that I’m on the right track.

Here in Warsaw there are a lot of leaflet distributors, people collecting for charities and salespeople (e.g. students selling shoe inserts), so this is the primary experience of women being approached in the street. I’m sure this is a factor that leaves some women less open to approaches, since they’re skeptical of your intentions. Though there is no way to overcome this completely, perfecting the approach factors that you control is the best way to improve your odds that you’ll be successful.

I have the advantage of knowing the Polish language (albeit not as well as English) but it has been helpful. I still start all of my approaches in English. Most women in Poland under 30 know some English, so I’ve rarely had to switch to Polish on the initial approach. Knowing Polish has given me an additional communication advantage later in the interaction, but I haven’t found it to be a critical one, since many women are happy to be able to practice their English. A girl I met calls me her “teacher”.

Polish women are among the sweetest and most loving women in the world. One of the girls I’ve been seeing just texted me “hugs and kisses… that’s all :-)”. I don’t see the same type of affection and femininity from American women in California, where I’m from. Since my heritage is Polish, I plan to spend much more time in the country, one of the primary reasons being that I like the women. If you have the chance, I recommend visiting Eastern Europe, particularly Poland, to see for yourself the difference between women here and those in Western Europe or America.

Wherever you live, I highly recommend day game as an alternative to night game. I’ve given up bars and clubs for the time being, and along with getting a better night’s sleep and drinking less, I’m seeing great results with meeting women through day game. I set a goal for myself to go on dates with 10 different women by the end of October and I’m already at 8 after several weeks. For a guy who hasn’t gone on that many dates in the last 4 years, the results are excellent. I’ll go into greater depth on my experiences in future posts, but just wanted to get the ball rolling on the concept. For additional information I highly recommend the sites linked above. If you really want a thorough education on daygame, outside of an in-person bootcamp, you can’t do any better than the Daygame Blueprint, put together by Andy Yosha. That program got me started on this path and I’ll always be grateful for making a dramatic and positive change in my life.

If I could offer just one piece of advice, it’s to just get out there and start approaching. Continuously work on refining your style, grooming, tone, body language, etc. but you just need to get those first approaches out of the way to realize that meeting women isn’t as complicated and becomes fun and even addictive very quickly. Even the best PUAs get blown out, but you won’t even remember the rejections when you’re enjoying the company of beautiful women who want to be with you.

What are your experiences with day game?

  • Steve

    Hey man, great post!! I also live in Warsaw, but I am just starting. What places are in your opinion the best to practice day game.

    • Nick

      Thanks Steve. In a nutshell, the best places I’ve found are from the Złote Tarasy mall, to the Metro station, through the underground passage then along the storefronts on Marszałkowska towards McDonalds, down Chmielna to Nowy Świat and then down the Krakowskie Przedmieście to the Kolumna Zygmunta. This entire stretch can be walked in less than an hour and on an average day you’re bound to see dozens of approachable women. I plan to do a more detailed post on this soon. I’m actually in Warsaw for the month if you want to meet up for a drink sometime.

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